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Has your Data Center been recently refreshed?

Storage Devices contain Sensitive Data!

  • Destroy your own Storage devices!
  • You should not trust a 3rd Party Company to handle the decommission of your Servers and PC’s!
  • They will resell your storage devices into the open market!

Processors don’t Contain Sensitive Data!

  • If your Servers and PCs contain Processors, we will buy your Excess Processors!
  • Receive a quote by simply submitting your Material List in the form below! has developed strategic partnerships with several leading Intel and AMD partners, enabling us to support a broad range of CPU product lines.

We buy and sell Intel and AMD Processors – Server, Desktop, Laptop

Intel i7 processor
Intel i5 processor
Intel i3 processor
Intel Atom
Intel Pentium
Intel Celeron
Intel Xeon

AMD Athlon II
AMD Athlon
AMD Sepron
AMD Phenom
AMD Opteron


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